eniCycle advantages

eniCycle can not be compared to any other vehicle type, because it opens completely new possibilities in human transport on short distances. Some important advantages/differences are listed below:

  • Learning to ride is very easy. A field test of 15 persons in March 2008 shows, that all the participants succeeded to start, ride a circle and stop in less than 30 minutes.
  • It's electrical driven, it doesn't cause any noise or gas emissions. 30 km driving distance with one battery charging
  • It can replace cars on short distances. It enables "park and ride" style of use in the city centers. There are no problems with traffic jams and an access to pedestrian reserved areas.
  • It's very efficient, during downhill driving the battery is recharged.
  • It's more agile than a bicycle, it can be compared to inline skating.
  • It's simple for transport. During the storage in a car trunk it can be recharged from car's 12 V battery.
  • No parking problems. It can be taken to the elevator and 'parked' beside your working desk.
  • It can be used as a high tech toy.