How it works ?

To ride the eniCycle, you sit on the seat and place your feet on foot rests on the both sides of the wheel. Then two independent functions enable easy riding of eniCycle.

  • Gyroscope stabilization prevents falling forward / backward

Electronic gyroscope measures vertical angle of eniCycle. If you lean forwards, this is detected by gyroscope and the electronic accelerates the speed of the motor to put the eniCycle back in balance. In case you lean back, the speed is decelerated. A complete control runs 100 times per second and stabilizes eniCycle in a perfect vertical position. Because of this eniCycle fits into the category of self balancing vehicles. The speed of eniCycle is controlled by leaning forwards/backwards.


Self balancing principle video

  • Direction steering is done by pressing on the left/right foot rest

For turning left, you press the left foot rest. The wheel leans to the left and eniCycle turns left. For turning right you press the right foot rest.

Direction steering is very similar to steering a conventional bicycle. You steer a bicycle by turning the handlebar with your hands. By eniCycle you steer with your feet. This is the reason why learning to ride eniCycle is so simple. You must just learn to use your reflex response on your feet. The average user can learn this in less than 30 minutes.

Riding the eniCycle has nothing in common with riding a typical unicycle as seen in circus shows (except that both have just one wheel).


Direction steering video