eniCycle is in patent pending phase. PCT internal application protects author's intellectual property in all countries members of Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. Currently this is 138 countries including all of the major industrialized countries.

Patent search has been done to verify novelty and patentability of this idea.

Citation from objective and scope of patent search:

    The objective is to perform a patentability search of available US and foreign patents and publications that disclose a user-direction-steered unicycle with an electrical motor-wheel, a battery and a gyroscope stabilizer. Based on references (prior art) generated by the search, and on the invention description to the extent it is clear and understandable, an opinion relative to possible patentability is stated.

    In terms of coverage, the patentability search includes all available US and foreign patent documents (i.e., patents and published applications).

    The scope of the patentability search includes a unicycle having features described below and shown in client's illustrations, including in particular single wheel motor, battery power source, gyroscope(s), steering mechanism or comparable arrangements/combinations.

Citation from patent search conclusion:

    It is my opinion, absent further findings to the contrary, that this unicycle configuration can qualify for a patent if it is presented in a patent application that includes xxxxxx. To the best of our ability, we have tried to find such feature in the prior art but have not been successful in doing so. 

Author is owner of all intellectual property rights for eniCycle. Two options are offered for cooperation:

  • Purchase of license for specified geographic area
  • Investment in common joint venture, which will produce and sale eniCycle