The market size for eniCycle can be estimated, if it is compared to the market of electrical bicycles and small electrical scooters. According to Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports 2007 market size for light electrical vehicles is 20.000.000 units annually. Electric bicycles and small electrical scooters market size for US is 2.100.000 and is 320.000 units for EU annually. It is realistic, that eniCycle with its unique advantages can acquire 10 % of this market, which means
200.000 units in US and 30.000 units in Europe annually.

Here must be emphasized that added value per unit in eniCycle can be much higher comparing to electrical bicycles and electrical scooters. This is because of the patent protection and the pole position on the market. On the other hand the production costs are a little higher than by simple electrical scooter because of more complex electronic and sensors.